Dynamic TPMS Solutions Develops New Point Of Sale Kit (Sep 2015)


Dynamic TPMS’ corporate slogan and firm belief states “TPMS isn’t just a hardware decision…it’s a business decision.”  Greg Iorfida, National Sales Manager stated “to help everyone be more successful in the TPMS business we have developed a TPMS point of sale merchandising kit.  The kit includes various items to better communicate with customers about what TPMS is and why they have it.”  These items are:


TPMS Service Window Cling                

  • This easily identifiable universal symbol for TPMS will let customers entering a facility know they provide TPMS service.


TPMS Counter Card   

  • This stand-up counter card was developed to help customers feel comfortable about discussing TPMS.


TPMS Counter Mat    

  • This easy to understand informational piece is designed to help the counterperson or sales person explain TPMS to their customer.


TPMS Tri-fold Brochure 

  • This brochure will allow customers to learn more about TPMS while they are waiting for service and can act as a take along.


TPMS Mouse Pad

  • Permits the counter staff to keep important contact numbers at their fingertips and mouse click away.


Dynamic TPMS Solutions’ product line features the multi-application DVT (Dual Valve Technology) sensors. 

DVT pre-programmed sensors give the installer the flexibility to interchange a rubber snap-in valve or a metal clamp-in valve on the same sensor body depending on the application.  In addition to the DVT-sensors, TPMS service kits and tools are part of Dynamic’s offering.