DVT-PRO Single Sensor Solution

DVT-PRO single sensor solution is a multi-frequency programmable sensor with Dual Valve Technology and is designed for the Professional Installer only. The DVT-PRO Sensor is a supersede for the (3) current Dynamic DVT Pro-Select sensors. The new DVT-PRO offers shop owners increased TPMS vehicle coverage while offering an easier 1-sensor solution and lowering the overall inventory investment.

DVT-PRO Sensor Front View.png

Features include:

• Fast wireless through the tire sensor
   programming without pads or cradles.
• Sensor programming capability with all major
   unlocked TPMS Tools: see compatible tool list
• Sensor Copy/Clone Capabilities with; Copy ID,
   Write ID, or OBDII read ID options.
• Through the tire programming – eliminates
   the need to breakdown the tire to reprogram
   a sensor.
• Five-Year FREE Software Updates for the
   new DY-47 TPMS Tool.
• Dual Valve Technology – easy exchange
   between rubber and metal valve options.
• Online Vehicle Application Data – lookup
   application data in Epicor, Wrench Head,
   Show me the Parts and MAM.

DVT-PRO Box Top Front View.png

Dynamic DVT-PRO

315/433 MHz

And when it comes to service kits and valve stem replacements Dynamic covers 99% of the vehicle applications.

To complete the program we also offer:

  • Organizational Storage Units

  • TPMS Service Tools

  • TPMS Starter Kits

  • Point of Sale Material


DY-47 Diagnostic Tool with Internal OBDII

The new DY-47 tool supersedes the former DY-46 in a more comfortable compact size and a more
affordable price point. The DY-47 has all the same functionality as the DY-47, just more compact and
includes a NEW built-in OBDII quick connect port.

DY-47 Tool.jpg

Features include:

free circle.png

• Displays all sensor data in seconds, including the TPMS sensor ID, tire             pressure, tire temperature, and battery status.
• Activates, diagnoses, and reads 100% of OE and aftermarket TPMS sensors.
• Industry leading coverage for all vehicles globally, including Domestic,             Asian, and European.
• Includes built-in OBD port and quick connector for easy OBD transferring.
• Provides TPMS sensor part number
• Checks Remote Keyless Entry signal
• User-friendly navigation and command buttons
• Frequent database updates via PC desktop software
• Interface in 23 languages
• Five-year
FREE software updates