DY-47 Diagnostic Tool with Internal OBDII

The new DY-47 tool supersedes the former DY-46 in a more comfortable compact size and a more
affordable price point. The DY-47 has all the same functionality as the DY-46, just more compact and
includes a NEW built-in OBDII quick connect port.

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Features include:

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• Displays all sensor data in seconds, including the TPMS sensor ID, tire             pressure, tire temperature, and battery status.
• Activates, diagnoses, and reads 100% of OE and aftermarket TPMS sensors.
• Industry leading coverage for all vehicles globally, including Domestic,             Asian, and European.
• Includes built-in OBD port and quick connector for easy OBD transferring.
• Provides TPMS sensor part number
• Checks Remote Keyless Entry signal
• User-friendly navigation and command buttons
• Frequent database updates via PC desktop software
• Interface in 23 languages
• Five-year
FREE software updates




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Download/Print the DY-47 Programming/Copy ID tool procedures




Is your TPMS diagnostic tool up to date?

DY-47 Tool Update How 2 Video

The PC software, WebVT, provides the DY-47 with the latest TPMS sensor and vehicle coverage. First, turn the tool on and connect it to the PC. Next, download the software to the PC and follow the instructions to set up WebVT.

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