Do your TPMS sensors read, but the OBDII relearn will not turn the light off?


Some Toyota/Lexus vehicles are equipped with a TPMS Set button that initialize the Tire Pressure Monitoring System after
adjusting the air pressure, rotating or replacing tires.


The TPMS Set button can be located inside the glove box, knee bolster or the instrument cluster. Be aware that the TPMS Set
button should only be used when performing any of the procedures listed above and should “NOT” be pressed after a TPMS
sensor is replaced.


Pressing the TPMS Set button after replacing a sensor and PRIOR to completing the relearn procedure will lock the system and will cause the MIL (Malfunction Indicator Lamp) to remain illuminated and the OBDII Relearn will not initialize the new IDs.
We call this a “Closed Loop”.


NEW with software update JDYN2-16: Your Dynamic DY-46 scan tool with OBDII module will unlock the ECU Closed Loop,
reset the system and register the ID’s to the ECU.


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