Dynamic TPMS Solutions Develops 'Value Proposition' (Oct 2015)


Barberton, Ohio  -  Recognizing the continued explosion of the TPMS market, Dynamic TPMS Solutions developed a new and innovative way to position its company and its TPMS product line to "stand out from the growing TPMS crowd" and more importantly, create an atmosphere that will maximize their customer's ease of operation, sales and profits.  They have placed increased emphasis on an exciting new way to talk about TPMS.


Dynamic management created a tag line that clearly communicated their forward thinking - "TPMS isn't just a hardware decision...it's a business decision".  It was concluded that the industry TPMS manufacturers have made it all about parts, all about price, all about high-pressure parts sales and it has evolved into only a hardware decision...hence, the tag line.


This evolving concept that no one else is doing emphasizes that TPMS buyers should choose a partner not just a parts supplier.  The concept led to the development of the Value Proposition - The Five Strategic Elements For TPMS Success.  Dynamic's Value Proposition is all about providing solutions to problems and making it easier than selling sensors and valves at a price.


These Five Strategic Elements include:  the right TPMS parts; application data; technical support; training and business support.  Dynamic developed an extensive four page brochure detailing the elements and how they lead to success in the TPMS category.  This variety of resources is being offered to distributors, jobbers and installers and will help them exceed their goals for TPMS parts, service sales and profits.