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Dynamic DVT-PRO

315/433 MHz

Dynamic DVT-PRO Sensor with Dual Valve Technology

One (1) DVT-PRO sensor is designed to be programmed with several TPMS Tools including ATEQ, Snap-on and Dynamic DY-46 & DY-47. Dynamic DVT-PRO sensor comes with our 6-207A rubber valve and has “Dual Valve Technology” (DVT). The valve stems can easily be replaced with other Dynamic valve options shown below using the same sensor housing.

Features include:

• Single Sensor Program - easy to manage and lower inventory investment
• Industry Leading Vehicle Coverage - Domestic, European and Asian vehicles including wireless auto-locate and
   hi-line/low-line protocols
• Fast Wireless Programming - no pad or cradles needed to program the sensors
• Copy/Clone Capability - copy ID from old sensor and program the new sensor with same ID number
• Through the Tire Programming - eliminates the need to breakdown tire and wheel to reprogram
• Future Software Updates - new vehicle protocols can be added with a simple tool software update
• Dual Valve Technology - easy interchange between rubber or metal valve options
• Online Data - Lookup application data available on Epicor, WHI, Wrench Head, ShowMeTheParts & MAM

Dynamic DVT-PRO Sensor Dual Valve Replacements

6-207A Rubber Valve

T10 screw.
Box of 15

6-203 Chrome Metal Valve

T10 screw.
Box of 4.


6-225 Brushed Metal Valve

T10 screw.
Box of 4.


6-225B Black Metal Valve

T10 screw.
Box of 4.

6-207A torq.jpg
6-225 valve tourq.jpg