TPMS-90 Sensor Storage Cabinet

The TPMS-90 single-door locking cabinet
holds up to 90 DVT-Sensors that are
securely stored in separate rows for easy
identification. There is a slot on the inside of the door to hold application data and other TPMS information.


• Pre-drilled holes for wall mounting or the     optional TPMS-CS stand as shown below.
• Measures 25.6”H x 20”W x 7.3”D
• Weighs 27 lbs.

TPMS-72 Sensor/Service Kit/Tool Storage Cabinet

All of the necessary TPMS parts and tools can
be securely stored in one place with this deluxe
TPMS-72 service cabinet. It will hold up to 72
DVT-Sensors and 28 different boxes of service
kits and accessories. A pull-out drawer is
designed to hold essential TPMS service tools.
There is also a slot for an application catalog.


• Pre-drilled holes for wall mounting or the
  optional TPMS-CS stand as shown below.
• Measures 30”H x 20”W x 9”D
• Weighs 54 lbs.

TPMS-CS Optional Cabinet Stand Fits Either TPMS-90 or TPMS-72

The TPMS CS optional cabinet stand is a 

convenient way to locate the TPMS-72 or

TPMS-90 cabinets close to the work area,

or any open area in the shop.

• Measures 60”, base 25”W x 24”D
• Weighs 28 lbs.

Shown with

Shown with

DY-TPMS45 TPMS Smart Cart

The SMART way to keep TPMS kits easy to access,
easy to find and easy to organize. Designed
specially for the storage of TPMS service kits, valves
and tools


The cart is a heavy-duty steel design with a
   durable powder coat finish and 3” locking casters
• Compact design measures 38”w x 23”d x 58”h
• Hanging bin rack features two-sided slotted
  uprights which doubles the storage capacity
• Tip-out bins are made from tough ABS plastic
• Spill proof design drawers won’t pop open while
• Design includes an integrated handle, label holder
   and a transparent window

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