Service procedures for replacing TPMS sensors and installing TPMS service kits require the proper tools. 

Dynamic has the essential tools needed for servicing TPMS vehicles.

Torque Wrench With Socket

Torque wrench is used for

installing TPMS sensor

nuts. Torque range is

from 30 in·lbs (3.4 N·m)

to 120 in·lbs (13.6 N·m).

Includes 11 mm and 12

mm sockets. Comes in a

plastic storage case.

Valve Core Torque Tool

Tightens valve cores

to OE specifications,

3.5-4 in·lbs (.45 N·m).

Meets industry

recommended torque

values. Can also be used

to remove valve cores.

Grommet Pick Tool

This tool is used to

help remove old and

broken grommets from

the TPMS aluminum

valve stem.

Torque Tool for Valve and Sensor

Torque tool is used for

installing valves on

DVT-sensors. Comes

with T1 0 Torx bit for the

clamp-in valve and a S7

socket for the snap-in

valve. 12 in·lbs (1.4 N·m)

Grommet Removal Tool

This tool is used to

remove the old grommet

from the TPMS aluminum

valve stem.


Use this tool for

removing sensor nuts

and seating the sensor

grommets. It can be

used to remove 11 mm

and 12 mm nuts.

Tpms 4-Way Valve Tool
Complete TPMS Service Tool Kit

The DY-312 contains all of the tools needed to service and install TPMS sensors

and service kits. All tools are stored and organized in a sturdy plastic case.

Valve Stem Puller Tool
TPMS T6 Screwdriver

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